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    sum from different pivot table

      Hi All,

      I have two pivot tables in the same sheet.

      the first pivot table is working fine, in the second table however, i need to calculate the sum using data from the first pivot table but i dont want all the information.

      For example i have three expressions in table 1 and two in table 2.

      in table 1 the expressions are as follows,

      Currency, Net Assets, Position

      in table 2 the expression that needs to be calculated is the net long assets wherein,If specific currencerror loading image

      the above screen shot is from my excel file solution.

      i have created the top table table as a pivot table, but need to create the second table where the net long position is to be calculated.

      the net long position is calculated as follows, if the position (marked in red) is Long then add the values under the net open position ( marked in green).

      Can anyone help me with this please?