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    Pivot table headers formatting

    Alberto Gugel

      Hi everyone, I noticed a quite strange behaviour when setting background colour of an expression. My goal was to set a red background to cells whose content is less then zero and green otherwise, so I set the relevant expression with a simple if function.

      The result is correct on cells, but even the header of the column is formatted!

      How can I avoid this weirdness?

      I'm not able to enclose a screen-shot or a sample qvw at the moment but I'll do it as soon as possible.

      P.S. I solved this particular issue using visual cues but what if my analysis was more complex?

        • Pivot table headers formatting
          John Witherspoon

          It's a known problem, and I don't believe anyone has a workaround for it (at least for conditions more complicated than visual cues will support). I don't think QlikTech acknowledges it as a bug, though, and instead says that it is working as designed. So we've suggested that they CHANGE their design. Assuming you have access to the customer portal, you can vote for them to change it here:


          Edit: Well, I shouldn't say that there's no workaround. You could always do something like putting text objects on top of your chart to replace what it's generating for you, but they wouldn't move with chart changes, and I just don't think would be worth it. I personally just suffer with column headers with colors that I don't want.

            • Pivot table headers formatting
              Rob Wunderlich


              John Witherspoon wrote: (at least for conditions more complicated than visual cues will support).

              I don't know if you got the hint from John's post, but this header problem is not present when using Visual Cues. So if you can set the color using Visual Cues instead of Expression Background Color, that's a solutiuon.


            • Pivot table headers formatting

              Hi googel84!!!, many thanks for the tip. It worked pretty well. However, with zero values does not apply the change of color. Why would be that??