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    Qlik Sense - Is it Beta ?

      I'm keen to further develop within the environment as the finished apps look tremendous,however there seems to be a distinct lack of all the functions that most of us would use within the standard qlikview environment.

      Clearly, they are different products, however, is Sense meant to just be a basic analytical tool, or is it meant to eventually replace the standard install of Qlikview ?


      Things like Pivot Tables/Straight Tables being omitted from the release, couple to some issues when handling standard expressions within set analysis really do make me reticent to present this to end users.


      On a positive note - the data load process is a breeze and very much improved over standard loading process'


      Sorry if this has been discussed previously, however, I've only just spent the last day or so getting into Sense.



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          A Harish

          hi ,


          What is Qlik Sense Desktop?

          This is the first public release of Qlik Sense. The Desktop edition is what has been referred to as the "Personal Edition" historically.

          QlikView Beta?

          This Beta includes some major new capabilities and represents one step further in the journey to the next generation of Business Discovery.