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    Set analysis less than condition on a field

    Alberto Gugel

      Hi everyone, I just want to be sure I correctly understood set analysis principals. I checked some other posts without finding the exact answer.

      Is it possible to build a set analysis statement using a field to define the filter condition? I.e.

      sum({<[Register data] = {'<= $([Reference date])'}>}Amount)

      I'm not confident the answer is affirmative. In fact, [Reference date] could have multiple values and, since what is put between braces and apostrophes is what you should put in search popups, this makes the entire formula to evaluate tu null.

      Is it right? Or is there a way to reach the desired result?



      P.S.1 : [Register date] and [Reference Date] are fields of the same record.

      P.S. 2: using aggregation function (such as max(), min(), ...) it should work, but it's not what we want.