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    Label disappear when export table from AccessPoint

    Jose Tos

      Hi all,


      I have a pivot table with a few expression, one label of these expressions is as follows:

      ='$(=only(Calendar.Quarter)) '& $(=only(Calendar.Year)) & ' vs ' & '$(=only(Calendar.Quarter)) ' & $(=only(Calendar.Year)-1) & ' Variance'


      To export the table I have a macro that is working perfectly, running from Qlikview Desktop. When I export the table using this macro from Internet Explorer, using IE plugin, the label disappear from my Excel application and I don't know why. If this is working in Qlikview Desktop, why this is not working in the web browser? Is the macro trying to calculate the value of the label during the macro execution? Also, if I click in XL button or i export the table with right click, the label appears, only disappears when I export through the macro...

      I hoped that the label would be exported as a text, already calculated. Any thoughts?


      Appreciate any help.