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    Section Access and Distribution task users denied access

    Chris Cammers

      I have a document with Section access implemented.

      Version 11.20.12235.0

      In section access I have an NT user and data reduction works fine in the desktop version. When the user opens the document the rows are reduced appropriately.

      I then set up a distribution task which distributes the file to the user directory and the same NTuser as a named user in the task.

      When the user attempts to open the document in access point he is denied access, my administrator users are also denied access in access point.

      The user account running the distribution service is also listed in section access as an admin. Is there a special configuration for the service account user that I have to do? It seems like the security is being applied when the Distribution service opens the document and then it loses track of the security for the rest of the users.

      Thanks for your help