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    Can we do union of 2 data source (Oracle and CSV data) in single QVD?

      Hi Exports...


      I am new to Qlikview, Could any one help me on below requirements.


      Client is using application A for its day to day work management, on this application A there is one very critical Qlikview report is running. Now client is started migrating all its business from application A to Application B. However this migration is not one time migration, it is phase by phase migration. To complete this App A to App B migration it may take 3 to 4 years.


      Now my job is to make sure during the phase by phase migration, QlikView report should display data from both system. when migration complete and application A goes off, then Qlikview report should display data only from App B.



      I have one very simple solution of Union of data set, to handle this phase by phase change i.e. I will use union of both both application database in QVD so there is no need to do any change in QVW files, it will save lot of time.


      Now I am not sure how can I make union of App A data base which is on Oracle with application B data which we will be getting in CSV format files in one QVD.

      Can we do union of 2 data set, in which one is getting from Oracle db, and other sources is getting from CSV file.

      It will very helpful if you can put code in this discussion.


      Thanks for your help and support for the same!