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    Drill up should not work

      Hi All,

      In my dashboard as we select field from 1st list box it changes fields in 2nd list box and selection on 2nd creates Chart.
      But what i want is Selection on 2nd list should not change data on 1st list box.

      Is it possible?

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          Richard Simpson

          Hi Ayush

          For the first field, if you display in a Chart - Straight Table, with the Dimension set to your relevant field and the "Suppress When Value is Null" option ticked, and the "Show All Values" also ticked.

          Then, for your expression, put in Sum( {$< <Field2> = {"*"} >) 1) where <Field2> is the field that you are displaying in your second list.

          Give the expression a label (e.g. Count) and then in the Presentation tab select the "Count" column and choose the "Hide Column" option.


          You will find that when you select one or more values from the list (TABLE ) of Field 1, the list for Field 2 changes to reflect your selection.

          But when you select one or more values from the list of Field 2, the display of Field 1 in that Table does not change.


          Is that ok?

          Does it do what you are trying to achieve?




          By the way, you can hide the caption of the table so that it looks very similar to a List