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    Line Chart visualisation

      Hi All,

      In my QV Application I show volume (y-axis) and time (x-axis) and each a line for total volume.

      In a second diagram (same axis), the line is distinguished by a specific dimention (customer, product).

      The problem: if a single customer's volume is available not every month, QV draws a straight line between those two values, ever though there are no values in between.

      Please see attached an example:


      error loading image


      How can I show correct lines (with zero values) in the second diagram?

        • Line Chart visualisation
          Karl Pover

          In the Presentation tab disable the option to suppress zero values.


            • Line Chart visualisation

              Hi Karl,

              I unticked the "surpress zero values", but it did not work. Does the continuous time axis cause this problem?

              Please see attached QVW-Example.


                • Line Chart visualisation
                  Karl Pover


                  In theory, unticking the suppress missing values should give you your desired result because there doesn't exist a relation between the Item B and various weeks. There doesn't even exist a zero value. However, like in this case, the suppress missing value escapes my understanding or simply just doesn't work.

                  The workaround would be to create a zero quantity transaction for every date possible. How you do this depends on your data model and script. I've attached an example.


                    • AW:Re: Line Chart visualisation

                      Hi Karl,

                      presumably you are right, this feature does not work correctly.

                      Thanks for your proposal, but this creates some synthetic keys and for the real sript with 10000+ items and 1000+ dates the data set would become too large.

                      Regards, Daniel

                        • AW:Re: Line Chart visualisation
                          John Witherspoon

                          I think this works as a general approach to these problems:

                          1. In script, if any values are missing, create a new table with all values of the dimension you want to see the zeroes for
                          2. On dimensions tab, show all values and suppress when value is null <-- edit: unnecessary, so removed
                          3. On presentation tab, uncheck suppress zero-values, uncheck suppress missing
                          4. On axes tab, checkmark continuous, set static min to min(Dimension), static max to max(Dimension)

                          It does appear to work with your example, if I understand what you want. #1 is satisfied by your calendar, #2 needs to be done, #3 is done, and #4 still needs a static min and max (so that selections affect what you see despite choosing to show all values).

                          I think QlikView should really support this sort of thing in a much simpler way. It's such a common type of chart, and the solution is anything but simple and obvious. And that's assuming I got it right - I had to review some earlier posts and examples and poke around to make sure I had it right, and I'm still not entirely confident.

                          Edit: I'm a little more confident now. I found a real application where I'd done this in almost exactly this way. Only one difference, which is that I didn't suppress nulls on the dimensions tab. Ah, yes, it's unnecessary. Nulls won't show up on a continuous axis, so there's no reason to suppress them on the dimension tab as well. Crossed that out above.