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    Session control how to make inventory report view by all ? ( no protection )

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I hv a QV doc which hv many report. I break the report into singapore and indonesia .


      The session access working fine now.


      Only singapore can view all country.  And indonesia can only view indonesia report.


      But now I need indonesia able to access inventory singapore and cannot access all other like sales , payment report.


      May I know how can I achieve this ?



      Below is my script for session control :-

      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [


          ,,,ADMIN, TDSS, 3066, *,GROUP0

          *,*,*,ADMIN, DEVELOPER, 123, *,*,GROUP0

          *,*,*,USER, TDS, 1170, *,GROUP1

          *,*,*,USER, TDSM, 9170, * ,GROUP1

          ADL,ADL,ADL, USER, ADL, 2171, *,GROUP1

          TDSPG,TDSPG,TDSPG, USER, TPG, 4172, *,GROUP1

          TDSKL,TDSKL,TDSKL, USER, TKL, 5173, *,GROUP1

          TDST,TDST,TDST, USER, TDT, 3174, *,GROUP1

          TIS,TID,TID, USER, TID, 6175, *,GROUP1

          *,*,*, ADMIN, *, *,TDS\demo,*,GROUP1   

          *,*,*, ADMIN, *, *,TDS\paul yeo,*,GROUP0   

          *,*,*, ADMIN, *, *,HENDRY\TDS Hendry,*,GROUP0   

          *,*,^, ADMIN, *, *,Paul\TDS Hendry,*,GROUP0  

          *,*,*, ADMIN, *, *,Paul\Paul Yeo,*,GROUP0  

          *,*,*, ADMIN, *, *,Test_8\tds,*,GROUP0



      section application;