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    How to remove double quotes when storing table in a text file?

    Mirco Grasso

      Hello Friends,


      I need to print all my Fields in a text file in the format below:


      "Field1","Field2","Field3", . . . . . .

      I load my table in this way:



      chr(34)&'tex1t'&chr(34) as FIELD1,

      chr(34)&'text2'&chr(34) as FIELD2,



      Then I am storing my table in this way:

      STORE * from mytable into [c:\myfile.txt.]

      (txt,  codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is ',' ,no quotes);



      All the fields into myfile.txt file results like that:

      """Field1""","""Field2""","""Field3""", . . . . . .


      If when I load fields I leave out the " chr(34) " , the fields into myfile.txt would be:


      Field1,Field2,Field3, . . . . . .

      Is anyone able to help me?


      Thanks a lot