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    Lauching a batch in QV doesn't work in QMC

      Hello everyone,


      What I am trying to do :  I want to receive an email after a reload is completed.


      Method 1: I use Alerts, the condition is 1=1 (always true) and the selected event is "at the reload".

      It works when I manually  reload my application from QV Desktop. But then, when I reload my app from QMC (QMC is on another server), it doesn't work anymore, I receive no emails.



      Method 2 : Using a batch to send the email


      I use blat to do so.  I have put the blat folder in the C :   C:\blat   on the developing server as well as on the production server (where QMC is).


      My batch works well when I execute it on his own (on both servers).


      Then, I added this line at the end of the script of my app :


      EXECUTE C:\blat\blat -to myadress@blabla.com -subject "test" -body "test body" -server -port 25 -u smtp -pw FEnfwE2bslz9E2b3rksvxnvwZq -f myadress@blabla.com -debug;


      It works well on the developper server: When I mannually reload it, I receive the email.


      When I reload my app in QMC : There is no error (the app doesn't fail) but I dont receive the email.


      This is what I have  in the log of the app :


      04/09/2014 11:58:59: 0013  EXECUTE cmd.exe /C "C:\blat\mail-test.bat"

      04/09/2014 11:58:59:      Execution finished.



      Thanks you for all your suggestions