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    single logon

    vinaykumar HG



      i have one business request.

      for eg: u have 4 dashboards A, B, C, D. once u login (eg:www.bi.com\qlikview) all A, B, C, D will display in access point screen, user will select particular dashboard which he have access from 4.


      now one group of users are asking they want separate link for each dashboard, where it should not land on access point. each dashboard should open directly based on the url. currently we have more than 30 dashboards how to do this.


      eg: for A dashboard->  www.A.com

      for B dashboard->  www.B.com





      like this for 30+dashboards..

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          Ashfaq Mohammed

          Hi Vinay,

          Once you login as you see 4 application.

          Let say you open A.


          After you open it copy the URL, you can give same URL to end users.

          Simultaneously collect all URL's required




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            Tresesco B

            And ask the users to create a bookmark with that URL.

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                vinaykumar HG

                no they need clear cut url which they can remember

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                    Sudeep Mahapatra

                    using a bookmark or in case of tablet the opened qvw can be saved to the tablet main screen. this is one time activity and they donot need to remember a url too.

                    we advised the same thing to our senior level end users and they liked it as they are accessing the dashboard from ipad and they can save it as an icon on the ipad's main screen.

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                      Paul Routledge

                      Does your company own the domain www.hr.com or www.sales.com? If not then you can't really use it as a link to your QlikView no matter how hard you try.


                      You will have to operate within domains that you own, something like :




                      or more likely




                      Alternatively you may be looking for a URL shortener facility like tinyurl.com or bit.ly so you could have

                      tinyurl.com/dashboardA .  Either a globally/commercially available URL shortener like bit.ly or a local one that is just set up on your company network.


                      Domain names, URL conventions and aliases is not a QlikView issue.

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                    Sudeep Mahapatra

                    in case the URL does not work (as I've seen in our case we use SSO before Access Point and the direct URL differs a little bit for us) you can use direct URL like below.

                    https://<hostname>/QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx?open=&id=QVS@<QVSHost or Cluster name>|DashboardName.qvw