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    Login Failed with Alternate login page

      Hi All,

      Does anyone face "login failed" issue with "Alternate login page (web form)" after upgrading to 11.20 SR7 12451?

      The upgrade is from Version 11 SR1 11282 to 11.20 SR7 12451.

      I've tested this in the Test Server and everything is fine including using the "Alternate login page (web form)". We're able to login using the Domain\ID and the password. However, after we've upgraded the production server, "login failed" error pop up when we try to login using the Domain\ID and password.


      In Test Server, we have 1 server for all the qlikview services, while in production, we have 1 server for qvws, and 1 server for qvs + publisher. All the services is up and running and we're able to login with "Default login page (browser authentication)".


      Is there anywhere that I can check and configure to make sure we can login using Alternate Login Page?


      Appreciate if anyone can help here.


      Thank you.