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    Trouble with url/link in Straight table

    Torunn Midtsjo


      I have several straight tables that includes one expression with an url/link.


      This expression works fine in a straight table. The value of %SM9.CASES_ID is shown in the cell and the url works fine::

      =ONLY({$<SM9.CASES.TYPE={'INCIDENT'},SM9.CASES.OPEN_COUNT={'1'}>}'SM9' & '<url>' & %SM9.CASES.ID & '%22&action=&title=Dette%20er%20en%20test')


      I tried to use the same method in another straight table, but this does not work. The result of the expression is a '-'sign in the cell.  Here is the expression that does not work:


      I have selected Presentation=Link. The dimension-field is excactly the same in both straight tables.


      The only difference I can see is that the set analysis in the expression that fails are much more complicated. The set analysis is OK because it works fine in other expressions in the same table.


      Do I have to write the expression in a different way because it contains a complicated set analysis?


      We use QlikView 11.20.

      Best regards