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    sap connector

      Hi Qlikview Users,

      I want to Extract the  Data from The  SAP  BEX  (Business Explorer Analyzer (BEx Analyzer)) is an Excel  to Qlikview

      What  Type  of  SAP Connector  need to Use.Client Provided  following  Parameters..

      1. Varinant     xyz_qlikview

      2.Report Number   Like  ZPS_KML2_Q533A


      How to proceed further?






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          Yaniv Feldman



          You need to use the SAP OLAP Connector


          It can extract query results into qlikview




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              Hi ,

              Thanks  for  uer reply  but you know client had  suggest  for  SAP Query connector only  the problem is  when  i am connecting to the SAP  queries it showing  blank like below image  but when  i am connecting other connectors like sap report connector,sap olap connector  i  am able  extract the data .it is the qlikview  query connector issue or   sap issue query_connector_issue.jpg

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                  Tomas Sommergyll


                  Have you checked that the user is included in any query user group. Please check in the SAP Gui using the transaction code SQ03 and enter the user name to list the available groups.


                  If the user is already listed in a group, then please attach the Qv SAP Query Connector log for review.