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    Quick Data Load Select File path fragile with network drives.

    René Valencourt

      I would like to select a data source from a location on my network.


      I click the "up one level" arrow until I see a list of my local partitions.  Clicking once more doesn't show me anything new, so I paste into the box a path which uses a network mapped drive, e.g. 'X:\Data\Cameleon\XML Data'.  I can now navigate up and down the path.  If I want a different network drive, I must paste it in, but then I can proceed.


      If I want a network location that doesn't have a mapped drive, such as '\\ctbibmi2\chr\', I can key that in, and it will show me the contents of that folder.  If I click on the 'Archive' folder in the contents of 'chr', it shows in red "Invalid path" beneath the path box and doesn't show anything in the contents, but it does have 'ctbibmi2\chr\Archive' in the path box, missing the '\\'.  If I re-add the '\\' and hit <Enter>, it accepts it and now shows the contents of the 'Archive' folder, and permits me to select a data file to load.


      So, there appears to be a minor bug whereby the path loses the '\\' when a computer name be specified.


      I would like to be able to see my network locations, at least my mapped drives.  A browse button for standard file selection would be good.