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    Animated GIFs not working on QlikView 11.20 SR7



      I am developing QV documents with QV 11.20 SR7 and all the animated GIFs I put into my documents (on Text objects) are not showed animated. It occurs me too with any other documents (tutorial, samples, documents developed with other versions that worked good,...).


      However I open the same document in other PC with QV 11.20 SR3 and all the animated GIF are showed correctly (animated). Too, if I uninstall QV 11.20 SR7 and then install QV 11.20 SR3 IN THE SAME PC, QlikView is showing too the animated GIFs in the same document.


      This problems occurs with the QV FinalTutorial.qvw too. If I open this document with QV 11.20 SR7 the QlikViewWater.gif is not animated, and If I open this document with QV 11.20 SR3 the GIF is showed animated. I have not tested this on other QV 11.20 versions.


      Is this a bug of the last version (11.20 SR7)? This problem occurs to more people too?