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    Trying to make Sense of Qlik Sense

    Clive Spindley

      I'm having a play with Qlik Sense.

      If I have multiple objects on a sheet and add it to a slide I'm happy as if I Qlik on something it will be reflected in all the objects on the slide, right before my eyes - super !

      However it does not seem to impact objects on other slides which doesn't make much sense, I've tried lot's of things to make this work but have no ideas left.

      Could someone please help, clarify.

      This is important people people need tools to make sense of the data.

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Clive - are you referring to data storytelling (you mentioned the word slide) or the view mode of a sheet? I am assuming Storytelling. I also am assuming you mean when embedding a sheet into a slide, the selections you choose in one slide, are not reflected on another? Do i Have this correct?


          As you have seen, when in Sense, and in view mode of a "Sheet" - selections on objects and lists are maintained throughout other sheets within the same app.


          In storytelling - snapshots of objects will keep the selection state - that object is a specific snapshot - that you can drag on a slide. That WILL NOT change with other selections. However you have the option to click into the live sheet.


          Embedded sheets are only for that slide and do not have any linkages to other sheets, as I just tested. I am not sure if that is be design or a current limitation.


          However I would suggest that if you would like that type of functionality to just use the actual  sheet view instead, by clicking the Go to Sheet button in the upper right, make your selections and use the < > arrows to navigate to other sheets,


          Please let me know if this is close or accurate to what you are desiring and mark the discussion accordingly so we know that we have answered your question to your satisfaction.


          Kind Regards,