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    How to split the values in separate columns of a pivot table?

    khasimvali shaik


           How to split the reminder call values in separate columns of a pivot table.

      Can anybody Explain with screen shots?


           Thanks for approaching I am attaching qvw file and Screen shot  below.

      In this table having ASC_ID, ReminderCOunt, ComplaintNo and ReminderCalls .

      In Reminder Calls i wanna Split each Column in ReminderCalls and to find Greater than 2 values should be Red Colour.


      I wanna add another column like greater than 2 calls = com[plaint no will show




      Calls;          Comp.No:

      1,1,2               1,1,99889989

      2,2,1               8855434,6434533,1


      in same application complaint no also available.