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    Please explain what responsive behavior is

    Clive Spindley

      Thanks Mike for your reply.

      No rush on the linkage, I suspect putting it in is one of those things that sounds simple but in reality would take

      a  long time ! Same probably applies to branching (both within a story and within a sheet), that may also be getting a bit too complex, however consider the following requirement:

           1.     Jill (works for an IT provider) is "presenting" to a CCG and a couple of Trusts in their patch

           2.     She selects a CCG, she selects a Trust, she selects a hospital

           3.     Up pops a photo of the hospital with the faces of people milling around

           4.     Most people in the room now feel a connection and are a bit more engaged

      Without conditional processing, do you know a way to implement this?

      One other question, could you please explain what responsive behavior is ?