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    Accumulation up to today in chart

    Niccolo Rossi


      I created a chart with several expression, two of which allow me to accumulate the data.


      The problem is that these functions continue the accumulation also in the future.. as you can see from the screenshot i have highlighted in red the part of the chart that I do not want to be seeing as it is misleading ( basically i don't show the data of future sales)



      = month(DTA_MAKEDATE)

      exp ( 1 for 2013 and 1 for 2014):

      =(rangesum( above( sum({<PDT_DTA_Anno={'$(=YearName(today()))'}>}PDT_DBL_RN),0,12) ))


      How can i fix this? the accumulation funcion of charts does the same thing.


      Tx in advance

        • Re: Accumulation up to today in chart
          Jonathan Poole

          i think you can handle this through some color techniques.


          On the expression tab , expand the expression properties by hitting the '+' sign.  On the background color you can enter a color condition to evaluate if the month is <= or > then the current month.  Use the ARGB() color function to assign a transparent color if its in the future.


          for example , the following assigns grey color for months <=9 and invisible for months > 9.  You would not hard code the number , but perhaps  use something dynamice like  month(Today()) or  month (max(Date)) in its place


          if (Month  <= 9 , rgb(125,125,125), ARGB(0,125,125,125))


          it will still calculate but the lines in the future will not be visible to the user.


          attached i added a dynamic example showing the technique