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    How to manually input 2 values like in a search bar?

      I want to be able to manually input 2 value .

      I read somethign about making an interface in VB but is there any other way as i don t  have the knowlegde for that right now.

      Can t i make 2  box object and put  liason with script code to take those values and used them in a where clause?

      I read also something about a command InputField somethinf also?


      The end goal is to make a in step search and hold rows for every result till the end .

      Like i start from a result made from a search of these 2 inptu variable and i want to hold and and show in on screen in click view and from the result that will have another 2 column value for them from another 2 tables linked to generated other that fit the where clause and after every one of the new result generated and tied to first result to generated other till the conditions and not met anymore and stops .(all this to show in qlik view screen and if possible with a like plus marker that i click to expand to see all the result three for any branch made from start till finish .(this si my end goal.

      I have 4 tables :

      Lot(  lot int(14) ,Material(lot and Material),TipMiscare(tipmiscare and lot),Comanda(lot and comanda) as you can see common column is Lot .

      Something liek this pic3333333.png