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    Convert IF into SET analysis

    Shashank Vyas

      I have this code which is written with IF condition, Please help me with converting it into SET analysis


      =Count((IF(STATUS<>'Cancelled' Or STATUS<>'Expired' or STATUS<>'Pending Expiration',

      IF(REG_Flag>=1 or MED_Flag>=1 or LEG_Flag>=1 ,If(CalendarYear=$(vCurrentYear),object_name)))))


      Any leads will be helpful.

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          Martin Mahler

          Hi Shashank,

          This statement doesn't make sense to me as they cancel each other out. Are you sure it's not an AND statement?

          STATUS<>'Expired' or STATUS<>'Pending Expiration'

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            Manideep Hv

            Hi Shashank

            You wrote only true condition in the above mentioned IF statement. So my doubt is what if the above condition is false. But I understood that you are taking only true conditions to get some value. please try the below expression which I wrote from the above situation with little understanding. It could be better if you can elaborate more.


            Count({<STATUS-={'Cancelled','Expired', 'Pending Expiration'},

                          REG_Flag ={">=1"}, MED_Flag={">=1"}, LEG_Flag={">=1"},

                          CalendarYear={$(vCurrentYear)} >}object_name)


            Hope this helps.



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              Massimo Grossi


                   <STATUS=-{'Cancelled','Expired','Pending Expiration'},REG_Flag={">1"}>*<CalendarYear={$(vCurrentYear)}>

                   +<STATUS=-{'Cancelled','Expired','Pending Expiration'},MED_Flag={">1"}>*<CalendarYear={$(vCurrentYear)}>

                   +<STATUS=-{'Cancelled','Expired','Pending Expiration'},LEG_Flag={">1"}>*<CalendarYear={$(vCurrentYear)}>

                   } object_name)

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                Pradip Sen

                Try this

                Count({<STATUS -={'Cancelled','Expired','Pending Expiration'}, CalendarYear={'$(vCurrentYear)'}, REG_Flag -={1}>} object_name)


                Count({<STATUS -={'Cancelled','Expired','Pending Expiration'}, CalendarYear={'$(vCurrentYear)'}, MED_Flag -={1}>} object_name)


                Count({<STATUS -={'Cancelled','Expired','Pending Expiration'}, CalendarYear={'$(vCurrentYear)'}, LEG_Flag -={1}>} object_name)