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    Line Chart to show last 6 months

      Been struggling with this one for a while and although I find info on here it doesn't seem to do what I want or I can't get it to work at all.


      I have attached my qvw file with a graph. The layout is there or there about's, but I would like it to show the last six weeks/months of data regardless of filters.


      Dimensional limits don't work as there is no latest/last option.


      I have been trying expressions like the one below but it only seems to group the last X months together in one column


      =Sum({< YearDimensionName=, QuarterDimensionName=, MonthDimensionName =, DateDimensionName= {'>=$(=MonthStart(Max(DateDimensionName), -5))<=$(=Date(Max(DateDimensionName)))'}>} MeasureName)

      Any help appreciated.

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          If I understood you right, you want the last 6 month bzw. 6 weeks to be displayed.

          First: how do you detect if you want to see weeks or months?


          To the solution:


          • Switch off any dimension limits
          • In the Presentation tab, activate 'Enable X-Axis Scrollbar'
          • Set 'When Number of Items Exceeds' to 6 (or whatever suits you)
          • activate 'Reversed' so it will take the 6 last values



          Should now display the last 6 months/ weeks only, just as you wish.


          I guess with that solution you can use simple expressions



          Hope that did help!


          Best regards!




          P.S. See the attached file where I did what I wrote above