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    Bookmark Link opens to bookmark, but clears after a few seconds

    Nathaniel Anderson

      As I explained here:


      ...I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem where a user opens a Qlikview doc pointed at a Bookmark; in (Internet Explorer 11).

      Once the doc opens, the Bookmark selection loads for a second, then clears out (as if the user pressed "Clear" button)

      In Chrome, sometimes this happens, other times the Bookmark "sticks"...


      I plan on checking things like this:

      1. Is the extension Javascript causing the page to reload? I checked the one extension; I did not call location.reload()
      2. Why does the URL list a bookmark whose ID I cannot find; I expect 'BM15" but it lists "Server/BM155-53"? ( I asked here)
      3. Check the Network flow in Chrome when the Bookmark "Sticks" vs when it doesn't
      4. "My Server Bookmarks" vs the rest? The "Share" column; 9:05 Screenshot.
      5. Might a "Session Recovery" affect this?


      1. Add a Document Trigger for the OnOpen event which analyzes the URL5)
      2. Save the bookmarks with Info popup text (see 9:02 screenshot); could this interrupt the"clearing"