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    How and best approch to make a an in stage expanding subfolder structure interface and script for

      I have 4 where clauses and 4 table .

      With 2  table value and a common primary key for all tables.


      I would need to input the 2 parameters and run a where  1 first value and second value has x and y .

      Now i can create for every step a table to insert in the result   and for every rezult in that table run another where close that generates other values that i insert in  another table and so on....Is there a better way with cursor as i read something about that but not sure if it helps my case .

      Also all this result i should have in a an interface that has like a single point start and braches out  depending  as number of the values inserted in every created table by stage  till where clauses is not  valid anymore on that branch segment .

      I have no clear idea how to make the interface  in qlikview as its a new thing for me and i had some issues understand the script structure  as its not same as sql i discover its a combination of 2 things.

      SO interface should be like:

         where clause

         if i click to extend i see the where result          where

                                                                              clause +click extend




        --------------------------------------------------------   2-------------------------1