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    HOWTO: Assign a variable to another variable through an Action expression

      I recently ran into a situation where I want to change a chart expression, based on a selection.

      The easy way to do this is by having the expression saved as a variable, and then assigning that variable name to the placeholder variable contained within the expression.

      So far so good. However, where things fall down is if you attempt to assign _the name_ of a variable to another variable from within a trigger action. Namely, QlikView wants to resolve the contents of the variable as opposed to the name of the variable.

      One solution is to make the assignment within a macro (e.g. VBScript or JScript). However, I prefer to avoid using Macros as they result in more code to maintain, and often have performance limitations.

      The trick turns out to be relatively simple. Namely, just concatenate the $ part of the variable reference to the rest of the variable name.

      I have pasted the code below to show you what I mean:


      ='$' & if(OH_hierarchy_levels_entity_name = 'Org3HierarchyLevels', '(CurrentScoreExpression7Levels)', '(CurrentScoreExpression6Levels)')