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    ABC Analysis

      Hi there,


      I have one question; I would like to have for a procurement analysis the ABC ranked sums of each category to see the relations between the sum of purchasing value, the actual inventory, the number of SKU's etc.


      I found examples for a regular ABC-ranking by e.g. materialnumbers but not as sums per category.

      I understand that mostprobably I have to work with a calculated dimension like this:


           =if(aggr(PurchasingValue, MatNo) <= fractile(TOTAL PurchasingValue, 0.8), '-A-',


      (and so on....), but in this case the result will give me as category A the first 80% of the material numbers and not the first 80% of the desired purchasing volume.


      On the attached excel sheet I demonstrate the result as an example, that I would like to have...