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    What is considered a Session in Sense?

    Christian Lindholm

      Regarding the Login Access of the licensing model: Is a session considered to be the same as in QlikView, i.e. Is it considered as only one session even if the user opens multiple documents during the same 1 hour window?

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          Pierce Barber

          Simply, yes that user will be able to go into multiple documents for that 1 hour window. If they go past the 1 hour they will consume another session.

          From the Help in the QMC for the Tokens page - One token equals a predefined amount of login access passes. The login access allows a user to access streams and apps for a predefined amount of time. This means that a single user may use several login access passes within a day. You create security rules specifying which users the login access is available for.

          When you delete a login access (group), tokens are released immediately if the login access contains enough unused login access passes. The number of tokens that are released is dependent on the number of used login access passes. Used login access passes are not released until 28 days after last use. For example: If you allocated tokens giving 1000 login access passes to a group, they cannot use more than 1000 login access passes over 28 days. Also, if 100 login access passes are consumed on day 1, the 100 are available again on day 29. If no access passes are in use then all tokens assigned to the login access instance will be released when it is deleted.

          Also, the video and documentation here might give you more information on it - Qlik Sense Platform - Token Licensing and Assigning Access Passes (video).

          Allocating Access Passes Information Guide


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