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    Qlik Sense

      Can we have Qlik Sense without server?

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          You can use QlikSense Desktop, there is no Server needed for this free Version. Did you tried it and missing something?

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              I mean if you have Token ( User or Login License) do you need Server? I know that in this version there is cloud and you can upload documents there but can you buy only Token? Is it necessary to buy server?

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                  Token is only available in QlikSense Server, talking about the QlikCloud Offering please stay tuned for more details when it will be released official. Actual this is just a Beta Phase and there will be some more details on Sharing Apps via the cloud.

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                There is no server in this release

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                  Michael Tarallo

                  Hi Petia - please take a look at this:


                  Currently - the Qlik Cloud - is built to deliver a variety of cloud based services. In the first phase of the Beta program, we are offering the Sense Sharing service. Which allows Sense Desktop users the ability to freely share (during the Beta only) a view only or read-only or interact-only (however you want to call it) version of the Sense app to up to 3 additional users. In other words - no editing or development capability. The registration and invitation process is very similiar to the way dropbox or a hosted file share would work.


                  • A desktop user registers with the Qlik Cloud Sharing Service
                  • Uploads a .qvf file (Sense App)
                  • Sends and invite to those they want to share it with
                  • The recipient registers and views the app.


                  There is a video on this topic and it will be posted shortly to the Qlik Cloud Community section in the Beta programs area - it will be accessible here: Sharing on Qlik Cloud Beta


                  More information on this Qlik Cloud and the cloud-based services will be available in the Qlik Cloud Beta Community forum.


                  Token Licensing - IS ONLY for the full Sense platform - it is used to License the platform and provide user access to the online Sense user community. More information on the Sense platform will be released shortly when the product goes GA this month.


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                  Michael Tarallo