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    Session sharing in Sense

    Jean-Francois Dierckx

      Is the session sharing feature (the ability to send an email with a link to another user to share the same session) available in Qlik Sense ?


      And if yes, will it consume only 1 session license, regardless of the number of users sharing the session, if used with the login license model ?

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          John Teichman

          Session sharing is not a part of Qlik Sense. We are looking into the various ways we can incorporate multiple screens into the Qlik Sense experience: There will be more information about these ideas sometime in the future.

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              Jean-Francois Dierckx

              OK. Session sharing is always a great feature that allows to blow away the audience during the demo... It would be a pity to loose this in the future.


              So any info on a possible date to introduce this feature in Sense are welcome.

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                  Michael Tarallo

                  Hello JF - we will make sure to update you, but please make a note of the following just as food for thought.


                  Current functionality in QlikView is not always intended to make a debut in Qlik Sense. The Qlik Sense approach is to find and implement newer and better ways of achieving a similar goal. For example - though session sharing (or an equivalent) is not available in Qlik Sense as a feature you can still collaborate and share your insights using the Qlik Cloud Sharing service. With the Qlik Cloud Sharing service you can upload a Qlik Sense app to the Qlik Cloud for others to view and interact with or make your insights available in a Data Story. So there are potentially other options that can "blow" our audience away. Perhaps blow them away and our competition out of the water.


                  if you want to learn more - check these out:


                  Storytelling Overview (video)

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                  Mike Tarallo