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    Pivot-table layout and data-model problem

    Andreas Karlsson

      Hi folks,

      I want to create something looking like this in Qlikview 11



      The rule is that if there is a forecast-value that one shall be presented otherwise the result.

      I have come somewhat near the layout above by taking sum(Result+Forecast) and also the budget for every month and then letting the built-in Total replace the 'Full Year'-columns.


      -The problem with sum(Result+Forecast) comes when there is both a result and a forecast for a month then we get into problem with almost double the true values.

      -The problem with if(sum(Forecast)>0,sum(Forecast),sum(Result)) comes when looking at the total which will only contain the forecasts...

      - A column cannot be hidden in a Pivot-table.

      - Set-analysis cannot be used since it depends on a dimension and is only evaluated once per object.


      I've created a small qvw example which is attached.


      Any hints are highly appreciated