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    Linking Dates/Date Ranges in Separate Tables

    Ciarán McGowan



      I have 2 tables; 1 that contain Sales data and another that contains Employee data. They are linked by the Department name the employee works in/sale was made in. Each employee has a Start/End Date for their department and if they move department, the End Date is filled in and another record for them is created. A master calender was created from the date a Sale was made.


      If I select a Date, the information about the Sale appears but it also lists every employee that every worked for the department the sale occurred in. Is there a way to only show the employees that where employed on the date a sale was made. And similarly, by selecting an employee, show all the sales that occurred when they were a member of that department.


      In other words: Start Date > Sales Date > End Date = Show available Sales/Employees