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    Chrome stores previous user-cal and cannot delete the cookie



      I have issues connecting to access-point from chrome.


      I had a user <user1> using which I was able to connect to qlikview dashboards. Now we deleted <user1> and changed to <user2>.


      Now we are able to connect with <user2> using firefox but not with chrome. I can see it on qlikview access point that chrome is trying to connect  with <user1> and throws an error as 'No User CAL's for the user' which is right because we deleted the cal for <user1>. Chrome is not prompting for the new user at all and tries to connect with old user


      We tried:

      1. deleting the history,cache.. everything from chrome.

      2. deleted defaults folder from <user>/apps/google/chrome.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.