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    Line chart style



      i am trying to create a chart as shown in the below image... will it be possible ?? if it is can some one plz help me with this..

      the help would be really appriciated.


      thank you in advance Untitledm.png

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          Senarath Bandara Herath

          Hi Shalani,


          Pls go to Re: line chart style


          You would learn how to handle this.




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            Phaneendra Kunche

            Have you tried different styles of line graphs. Most probably they will be on "Styles" tab in chart properties. Try one of those that has line fill. which will look exactly like above except that orange line.

            i don't think you can get the Orange line unless you add the same expression twice and color them different and apply some trick.


            to get the Numbers and text use "Text in chart (one of those boxes under reference line)" under "Presentation" tab. you can add expressions as well.


            i am using a MAC and don't have Windows Machine infront of me.. try above, if don't succeed i will create a sample for you tomorrow.