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    Load balancing possibilities in Sense?

    Stefan Strand

      Can I set up a rule that says someting like "Remove app 1 from server 1 if server load exceeds 70 % and put it back when load is lower than 50 %". The reason for this is to make sure that the high priority apps works as wanted. Another wanted scenario is to publish apps only durings some specific periods of time so that we can steer the load in time like "App 1 should only be available day 1 and 2 in each month". The main question is what has happened at the load balancing area in Sense?

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          Fredrik Lautrup

          Not right now,

          but there are two things that creates the base for exploring these more advanced scenarios for load balancing in Sense.


          We use sync rules for moving things around the system which can be dynamic in its nature supporting ideas like big apps only residing on big servers.

          And then we have the Load balancing API, which makes it possible to create custom behaviours around load balancing if needed.