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    Chart with variable calendar



      I have created two custom variables for filtering the data between these two days. I have varFromDate and varToDate variables.

      My chart has the expression below and the cyclic group with the fields DATE.DATE / DATE.WEEK / DATE.MONTH as dimension.




      DATE.YEAR = ,

      DATE.QUARTER = ,

      DATE.MONTH = ,



      DATE.WEEK = ,

      DATE.WEEKDAY = ,

      DATE.DAY = ,

      DATE.DATE = ,


      DATE.NUMDATE = {">=$(varFromDate)<=$(varToDate)"}




      But using this expression and my "DATE" fields as dimension, blocks the selections which the users can make directly from the chart (Because i am using set analysis like above)


      What i am trying to do is, extracting days, weeks and months between two variables and using them as dimension (or cyclic group) in order to be able to make selections inside the chart.


      Does anyone knows how to do that?


      Thank you...