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    Dynamic opacity in ARGB() for table background color.

    Dave Hudnutt

      Hello --


      I'm attempting to change the background color of a table chart depending on how poor the dimension is performing.  I calculate the opacity of the ARGB() function by simply multiplying the percent change by 1000.  So if the dimension is performing 6% under from the year before the ARGB call would look like this: ARGB(60, 255, 0, 0).  I've played around with the function to make sure ridiculous numbers don't break it so ARGB(255, 255, 0, 0) works as well as ARGB(400000, 255, 0, 0).


      Anyhow, it doesn't seem that putting the value in a field translates to a number ARGB() can use.  My function:  =If(change_percent <= 0, ARGB(opacity, 255, 0, 0)) that is behind the 'Background Color' doesn't work.  I've tried typecasting using Num() but that doesn't help.  Any suggestions?


      Attached is an example.