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    Corrupt Shared and Meta Files

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      someone have a problem with corrupt shared and meta files?


      I have the file, 1,3mb size, but the Server Objects don´t see in QMC.



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          Did you happen to edit that file on the server very often?


          SaiLeela Maguluri

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              How to talk edit file?


              Just modify with file qvw open in browser.



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                  I tried used the software Power Tools.


                  Included in the Power Tools


                    Provides insight into the QlikView Server .shared files belonging to .qvw documents. The .shared file stores server data such as server/shared bookmarks, server objects (charts and objects created by a client via the server), annotations and other data that is specific to the document. The tool visualizes the content of the binary .shared file and provides options to "Repair" legacy files, as well as defrag large .shared files.


                  Someone used this software?

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                Frank Chukoskie

                What version of QlikView are you using? I think 11.2 SR6 and higher allows for correction of corrupt .shared files by way of a command-line argument to QVS.


                See the release notes for your version to get the syntax. From the SR9 release notes:


                15 Shared file Cleaning TOOL

                QlikView are pleased to announce that a new shared file Cleaning Tool is now included in the QlikView
                Server executable. This will allow system administrators to analyze (verify) and repair (purge) the
                QlikView document shared files easily and effectively simply by running a command line execution of
                QVS.exe with special parameters. The server administrator will then have the option of using the
                purged shared file, or retaining the old shared file.