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    QVDMigration scramble consistency

    Vegar Lie Arntsen

      A customer is considering to move data from their production environment to development/test. Before doing this there are data security issues that need to be solved and scrambling data values could be one solution to handle this. I'm considering to introduce the QDF and the QVDMigration.qvs to handle this.


      I have one question and one feature request.


      Is it possible to get consistency between values in scrambled values in different qvd files. As an example - email address is used as key between two tables in the data model and after scrambling the data the customer still want the link key to be valid. I know this is not best practice, but this is the situation at the moment.


      Feature request 

      I would like to see an option to exclude fields instead of only including fields. I want to migrate all fields except [Dimension A]. If another field is added to the qvd in the future I want it to be included into the migration without having to do any edit to the migration setup.


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