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    Qlikview Developer/Analyst Ingolstadt, Germany

      We are searching for an permanent employee for creating Apps for our Process Controlling. The candidate should have good experiences in creating Apps with Qlikview and connecting to databases.

      The candidate should have an professional analystic background and farmilar with database handling. Experiences in other data converting tools like Datawatch Modeler is a plus.

      This very intersting opportunity is given by a big retail company.


      Requested Skills:

      - Advanced Experiences in building Apps with very good Visualization in Qlikview

      - Experiences in SQL and Connecting to databases, Creating a database environment with process AAutomization

      - Finance Background is a plus

      -  Experience with the Tool: Modeler and Automater/Datapump (both: Datawatch) is a plus.


      If you interrested please contact: ojgraf@gmx.net

      Please send your CV and your documented Experiences.