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    Hardware Specification Understanding

    shan dar

      Hi Forums/Friends,


      At Presnt I have followings:-

      SourceData = 50GB

      Concurrent Users = 200


      I want give the Hardware specification for QlikView Enviroment Installation.

      On google and surfing I had got the following information.


      RAM = (RAMuser × No. users) + RAMinitial


      RAM?initial = QVWsizedisk × FileSizeMultiplier; this is the initial RAM footprint for any application

      RAM?user =?RAMinitial × userRAMratio; this is the RAM each incremental user consumes

      QVWsizedisk = SourceData × (1 - CompressionRatio); this is the size, on disk, of a

      QlikView file


      userRAMratio: range between 1%–10%

      FileSizeMultiplier: range between 2–10

      CompressionRatio: range between 20%–90%


      I am not able to understand the complete calculation clearly.


      In furture the SourceData will be more the 50GB & Concurrent Users will be more then 200.

      So, How to caculate the Hardware specification for next 5 Yr assuming every year the database will get increase by 10-15% and

      User also 10-15%.


      If any body can explain the above calculation step by step clearly then it will be great help for given

      apporximate Hardware configration requirement.


      Advance Thanks