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    Proxy Server Issues on QV11 Server

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      This issue is not supported by Qlik given it is related to the environment and not QV server.  We are hoping that someone in the community has experienced and found a work around for the below:




      We currently maintain a separate Production and Test environment which each contain a QlikView Server located in the web-facing tier. At the moment, a proxy server sits between the QlikView server and the Internet for each environment in order to prevent direct access to the QlikView servers.


      In each environment (let’s use the Prod environment for this explanation), the DNS is registered to the IP of the Proxy server which then directs traffic to the QlikView server. Users frequently (~75% of the time) experience a hanging request when attempting to contact the QlikView server. This hanging response either causes the QlikView access point to not serve CSS content, reach the sign in page but not be able to sign in, receive a hanging ‘Loading Content’ screen, or receive a 502 Bad Gateway error. Because this is a production server and dashboards are currently in production, this represents serious impact to user experience.


      The only ‘workaround’ is for users to continuously refresh their page, although this yields unreliable results, often not working. We don’t find it acceptable to ask our users to continuously refresh the page.


      Attempted Resolution:


      We’ve attempted the following in order to address this issue:


      ·        Change the Proxy and QlikView server timeout windows to 120 seconds

      o  This reduced the amount of times a hanging request was experienced from about 90% to 75% of the time

      ·        Restart all QlikView services on the QlikView Server

      o  This generally results in an error-free connection for about 5 minutes, then leads to the same issues

      ·        Upgrade the Apache version on the Proxy server sitting between the QlikView server and outside users

      o  The State OIT team owns this proxy and is in the process of upgrading. We do not yet know if this will be a resolution.