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    Cumulative open days and count

      Hi ,

      please help me with this

      Imagine that Notification No 1 was 2 days open end of Aug, and  Notification No  2 was 1 days open.

      Sum is 3 days open Aug.

      2 open Notification


      Imagine that Notification No 1 was closed in Sep, Notification No 2 is still open end of Sep, but there was 1 new Notification created middle of the month.

      End of Sep  the situation is:

      Notification No 1: not be taken into consideration anymore

      Notification No 2: 31 days open

      Notification No 3: 15 days open


      Cumulative open end of Sep  is 46 days.

      2 open notification

      Similar if completion date is not present it should be considered as open 


      Notification NoCreated on DateCompletion by Date NewTotal No of Days OpenSales Divition
      61/29/2014 22820
      82/28/2014 19820