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    about the column order in a table

    Zhihong He

      Hi, all,

      As recently, we saw a strange behavior of QV table and NPrinting. Though the problem was solved. But I still have a question about the order of the columns in QV.

      The situation is like this:

      We have 2 dimension columns D1 and D2, and order as D1 (first), D2 (second) in the "Dimension" tab, and 10 Expression columns (E1,E2, ,...,E10). And D1 is set as "Hide Column" in Presentation tab.  So we see the table like this:


      C1 | C2 |...  |Cn | CEnd


      D2 | E1 | ... |E9 | E10

      As we have problem to match the data in nprinting, we thought C1 holds the data of D2, but it is not, C1 holds data of E1. And Cn holds data of D2, CEnd holds data of E10.

      Then we try to check what is wrong. And found the weird thing :  when we set D1 as "Show Column" back, then the table order become like this:


      C1 | C2 |... |Cn | CEnd | Cn+1


      D1 | E1 | ...| E9 | E10   | D2

      As now the D2 is at the end of the table, it is really strange. It should be at C2. But, I do not know whether D2 is manually moved to the end of the table before D1  is set as "Hide Column".

      Now, my question is: if  D1 and D2 are the only tow dimensions in the table. D1 is set as the first column, and D2 is set as the last column. After set "D1" as "Hide Column", whether it is a normal behavior that D2 will be automatically moved to C1?