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    Data Model Loop Problem

      I am new to QlikView and struggling with how to handle this loop problem.

      • fact data is at the product and customer level.
      • Market lookup
      • Market to Product Xref
      • Territory LooKup
      • Territorty to Custoemr Xref

      So Far so Good. Now the Issue. there are some legal reasons some territorys can not see customers in some markets, but they can see them in others.

      • Market to Customer to Terrirtory Xref

      This creates a loop and I am not sure how to handle this


      • Also a relation ship between a Territory and

      fsdfsdafOther Fields1

        • Data Model Loop Problem

          The last bullet in my question was a typo

          • Data Model Loop Problem
            Oleg Troyansky

            The best solution depends on your analytic needs and on the meaning of those Xref tables, but in any case, you are going to de-normalize and include more attributes in your Fact Table. For example:

            Left-Join Market-To-Project Xref into the Fact and eliminate the Xref

            Left-Join Territory-to-Customer into the Fact and eliminate the second Xref.

            Now you need to take care of the third Xref... I'm not quite sure what's the meaning of it, so I'll leave it up to you to decide... It looks like knowing the Product and the Customer from the Fact Table, you can determine the Market and the Territory from the two Xref tables. What's the third Xref table for??? When you answer this question, you'll know how to properly model it...