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    Date issue

    Pradeep M



      I have 2 fields i.e orderdate, deliverydate.

      Orderdate  deliverydate

      08/25/2014  08/28/2014

      08/26/2014  09/01/2014

      08/28/2014  09/02/2014

      09/02/2014  09/03/2014

      09/02/2014  09/04/2014


      based on this fields i need to show the total no.of orders(based on orderdate), total no.of deliveries(based on deliverydate) for a month.

      output should be like this:

               No.Orders   No.Deliveries

      Aug         3                 1

      Sep          2                 4


      Can anyone please tell me, do i need to create a master calendar for this or can we create month field based on these fields?