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    Order By doesn't work

    Robert Hutchings

      Hope someone can help me on this


      I have set up incremental load

      But this loads the records in a different order


      I tried to rectify this (as I need to do a lastvalue)


      So I tried to sort this by various order


      None work. I have loaded the script below (Call_Num and FSR_Num are both numeric)




      left keep (SCCall)

      FSR_Call_Num as Call_Num,


      AutoNumber   (TEXT (Upper (FSR_Ser_Num)) & '/' & TEXT (UPPER (FSR_Prod_Num))) as SerialandProdNo,       if (ApplyMap ('RepCodeAdj',FSR_Call_Num,'Missing')='Missing',FSR_Rep_Code,   ApplyMap ('RepCodeAdj',FSR_Call_Num,'Missing')) as RepCode,     

         AutoNumberHash128  ( FSR_Call_Num , FSR_Ser_Num , FSR_Prod_Num) as CallSerial//new  ifNUM( ApplyMap ('WARRENDMAPP',AutoNumber ( TEXT (Upper (FSR_Ser_Num)) & '/' & TEXT (UPPER (FSR_Prod_Num)))  ,'NoCode')) >

        NUM( ApplyMap ('Callindate', FSR_Call_Num  ,'NoCode')) ,'YES','NO') AS CallInWarr

        resident SCFSRTess
      where not Match (FSR_Employ_Num, '039') and not match  (FSR_Rep_Code,'09',9)
      order by FSR_Call_Num ,FSR_Num          //FSR_Last_Update