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    left function in set analyisis

      Good morning everybody,

      yesterday a top 10 member explain me how to create a conditional SUM using set analysis expresion. But today another problem comes to my mind when I wrote this code in text object properties - general tab:

      Right sentence:

      =SUM({$<ACCOUNT={6400000000}, COMPANY={3003}, YEAR={"$(=ONLY(YEAR))"}, NOM_ABR={"$(=ONLY(NOM_ABR))"}>}IMPORT):

      Wrong sentece:

      =SUM({$<Left(ACCOUNT,2)={64}, COMPANY={3003}, YEAR={"$(=ONLY(YEAR))"}, NOM_ABR={"$(=ONLY(NOM_ABR))"}>}IMPORT)

      In first case, data result is ok but I´m only choosing one account data. It was first step I want to write to validate my sentence, but when I expand it with LEFT function to take a range I really want, something is wrong and it doesn´t work.

      Anyone can tell me what´s wrong?

      Thanks a lot, Fiber-qlik